A Few Notes About Headphones

As we roll through year three of the pandemic, it can be easy to forget about one of the basic tools for a successful online lesson: the headphone. Good headphones can help both the student and the teacher hear each other better, prevent echoes and feedback, all while making it easier to focus. There a plethora of headphone options out there, and while they will all do a great job of letting you jam out to your favorite tunes, most are less useful for online music lessons. Bluetooth headphones, unfortunately, are mostly geared for talking, and will automatically mute the sound of the student’s piano. A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Bluetooth headphones introduce lag between the sound and picture
  • Bluetooth headphones usually have noise canceling that mutes the sound of the student’s piano
  • Headphones should be an appropriate size for a student’s ears, and should not fall out
  • Fiddling with headphones that won’t stay in a student’s ears or on a student’s head wastes valuable lesson time!

Good options include:

Kindergarten – Junior High

Age 6 and under

Earbuds for kids

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